{DIY} Print your own photo canvas

I came across the DIY Print Your Own Canvas Post and just had to share it.

In 15 minutes and for $40 you can create your own Print Canvas...here's how :::

You'll need:

canvas {must be the size of US paper or smaller}
modge podge
tissue paper
brown acrylic paint {or latex/house paint}
1 sheet of card stock 

A few notes on canvases: I stretched my own.  I really like the look of a canvas that is at least 2" depth on the sides, and a lot of the ready-made canvases are only 1/2" depth.  So, for this project, I stretched my own.  I actually stretched it around a box, then covered the back with brown paper.  It looks very much like how you would see purchased art canvases in a store.  Anyhow, whatever you use, you will need one canvas the size of US paper or smaller.  You might be able to make it work to piece sheets together if you are extra, extra careful and go larger.  But, you will probably see the seams.

Select your photo that you want to mount.  Then, take your sheet of card stock, and wrap your tissue paper all the way around the paper, taping the corners on the back like a present.  The tissue paper needs to be very tight and wrinkle free.  If it's not tight, you will get wrinkles and smudges in your image when you print it.  {I had to print this picture 3 times, and finally I got one without smudging.}  It looks like 
this coming out of the printer--see how the tissue paper can wrinkle so easily.

After you have your photo printed to tissue, cut it off the card stock with at least an inch of overhang.  Next, brush a very think layer of modge podge all over the top of the canvas.  While the modge podge is still wet and being very careful, lay your image on the canvas, and work very quickly to smooth out wrinkles.  Be careful because the tissue will tear if you move the image a lot or press too hard.  This is what mine looked like before I started smoothing: 

After the image is all smoothed out, trim the edges with scissors.  Then, cover the entire picture with a thin layer of modge podge, using care to smooth down the edges.  If you are slow, the colors will smear, so work fast and don't be too liberal with the modge podge.

Lastly, using acrylic paint, paint the edge of the canvas in whatever color coordinates with the image.  If your canvas was really tiny, you could even wrap the sides with the photo and skip the painting part.

And, voila--15 minutes later--your own photo canvas!  I will caution you, it's almost impossible not to get a few wrinkles, but the texture of the canvas really comes through!  Also, I think this would also be great to print your own artwork {like still life} for a kitchen or something because then wrinkles could add to the image; whereas with photos, wrinkles are not as desirable.

Thank you Jessica for sharing your great DIY!

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