{HOLIDAY CARDS} What to Wear For A Family Photoshoot

It's that time of the year again....Holiday Cards are upon us and for the last minute crowd that hasn't had their family outfits coordinated for months here are some great ideas for cohesive family outfits.

Happy Shopping and coordinating!

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{REVIEW} Urbini Avi Jogger Travel System

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Urbini. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating. 

Making decisions is a big part of having a baby...what diapers to choose, to give a pacifier or not to give a pacifier, swing or bouncer, and choosing a stroller is no different. So when it comes to choosing a jogging stroller safety and a great design are a winning combination!

Enter the Urbini Avi Jogger Travel System!  For less than $300 (available exclusively at Walmart stores and Walmart.com) you can have a jogging stroller and complete car seat (base included). Out of the box you can tell that this system is different; in minutes the stroller was assembled and ready to go (with the help of my almost 4 year old who was so proud of herself that she was able to snap the handlebar in with ease). The car seat came with a cushy insert, easy to lock harness and it easily snapped into the stroller and car seat base (in the car). It's easy to handle and carry and looks super sleek. Both my kids loved the stroller (age 1 and age almost 4) and my little one loved her upgraded car seat! It's our first jogging stroller and we've surely hit the jackpot with this gem. Now there are no excuses not to go for a run!

The Urbini Avi Jogger is lightweight and easy to fold (and doesn't take up my whole trunk, which is really important) it maneuvers like a dream and gives the little ones a smooth ride. I loved the 2-position canopy with mesh window and the cushy adjustable handle (my husband can use it too!) I wrapped the comfortable safety strap around my wrist, strapped my kiddo into a 5-point harness, adjusted the seat to their preference and we were on our way. The inflatable rubber tires were great on bumpy sidewalks and streets and provided great suspension. The brake system was super easy to use; with one simple touch it was activated/deactivated and it's located in the center so I can easily get to it. And when it was time to go home I was able to fold it with one hand and it stayed standing upright when folded (which is amazing!!) It's so nice to have a stroller with a high weight capacity (this ones goes up to 65 pounds) which means the Urbini Avi Jogger will be a staple in out home for a long time to come. Both my 1 year old and almost 4 year old loved the stroller and it was comfortable for both. In comes in so many great colors to choose from: red, pink, black/grey, blue, and sunshine.

With all of its great features The Urbini Petal Infant Car Seat is sure to become a Mom favorite. Weighing less than 8 pounds and easily snapping in and out of the car seat and jogger it's as comfortable as it is safe. Let's talk about safety because when it comes to car seat it's what is really important, The Urbini Petal has been rigorously crash and side-impact tested, it has expanded EPS energy absorbing foam and deep sidewalls. The level indicator lets you know that the seat is installed properly which is priceless peace of mind for every parent. Another great feature is the low harness position setting and the preemie insert which ensures that the really little ones (4-6 lbs) are properly positioned. My favorite feature is the weight limit! It goes up to 35 pounds! (and 32 inches) which is amazing! The car seat I had with my first only went up to 22 pounds and who can afford to buy a new car seat after just 1 year ? (more or less).

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{REVIEW} Foodstirs: Cooking Activities for Kids

Baking and cooking at my house start with an hour on pinterest, another half hour making a list and checking to see if I have all of the ingredients, at least another hour and a half getting the kids in the car, going to the store, shopping, getting back into the car, coming home, unloading the car.....nevermind the fact that a simple recipe just cost me $40 because I had to get a full bottle/can/bag of whatever I didn't have just so I could use a teaspoon! A teaspoon!!!!
Until now.....A lovely Foodstirs box arrived at my door, addressed to my daughter who was beyond excited to get a package. I opened it to find the most perfectly arranged and packaged ingredients to Brownie Popsicles (including the cutest wooden spoon)! And if that wasn't amazing enough all of the 3 ingredients I needed I already had! (not including the bowls, measuring cups, spatula and pan).
I gathered my eggs, vanilla extract and butter and we began baking, I cut into each lovely ingredient bag and my daughter did the rest...mixing, stirring and the occasional lick of the spoon!
I had never thought of putting brownies on a stick but let me just say it's perfection and now clearly the only way we'll eat brownies.
In the end my daughter and I had a lovely afternoon of quality time (without the fuss) and yummy brownies to share with Daddy.

I am so excited share Foodstirs with you and your family and to celebrate the end of summer we are giving away a Brownie Popsicle Kit. Leave your name and email below. (Giveaway ends 8/31/2014 8pm EST) Winner will be announced on our Facebook page.

Foodstirs is also giving every Life & Baby reader a special coupon code to receive $5.00 off their order!

 I received a complimentary Brownie Popsicle Kit from Foodstirs. My opinions are my own.
A winner will be announced 8/31/2014 8pm EST on the Life & Baby facebook page. (link) Contest open to US Residents. Winner must respond within 24 hours or another winner will be chosen.Pin It Now!

{COMING SOON} New Huggies Little Movers coming to Target

“I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central for Huggies. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating."

Target is my absolute go to for all things baby and pretty much everything else too, so I can't wait to shop for the New Huggies Little Movers at my favorite store or at Target.com (with my REDcard of course, so I can get an extra 5% off and free shipping).
With two kids under four in my house, diapers have been a must have for years and I learned quickly with my first that with diapers you get what you pay for and that bargain brands quickly lead to diaper rash and almost always leaks. I never skimp on diapers and that makes me and baby happy. Diapers should be comfortable, keep baby dry and stay put!

In the world of diapers Huggies are heavy weights and when they receive a tune up I'm super excited to try them on my little one. My baby's world is filled with movement and activity, which is crucial for my little one's development but keeping her bottom dry and comfortable is difficult and Huggies know that!  Which is why the new Little Movers are made with new Double Grip Strips, soft, durable Velcro strips on the sides and front diaper panel. The Huggies Little Movers diapers feature a SnugFit waistband for an all around stretchy fit and have an enhanced soft pad and I'm dying to see the new graphics and designs! Now that's music to my ears and my baby's tush

Time flies and it seems like only yesterday that my little baby girl was in teensie newborn diapers and barely moved and now she's a size three and moving past the army crawl and into the full-on crawl. For now she's on all fours and rocking back and forth waiting for something to happen but I know that any second she will be across the room getting into mischief. It's such a gift to be able to watch my little girl experience so many new firsts and knowing that she's comfortable makes every moment sweeter.

Enter the Huggies Little Movers Diapers Giveaway!

Our great friends at Target are offering a chance to WIN A YEAR SUPPLY of Huggies Little Movers Diapers! When you enter, you will automatically receive a $2.00 Target coupon for Huggies diapers. To enter click here and upload a photo or video of your baby's best moves. (To enter you'll need to create or login to your existing Huggies account) You'll receive a $2.00 Huggies coupon redeemable at Target and be entered to win a year supply of Huggies diapers.

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{MATERNITY} A Heartwarming Gender Reveal

Some stories are better told by those that lived them...

"Lance and I tried unsuccessfully for 6 years to get pregnant. We had seen so many of our friends have children and then have second and third children. It was gut-wrenching to go to baby showers and come home to a childless home. We did 3 In-Utero inseminations and 3 In-Vitro Inseminations and we were finally told by our doctors that our chances of ever getting pregnant were very slim to non-existent and that we should consider adoption. We decided to put in our paperwork for adoption and was chosen by a birthmother in Honolulu. Sophia was born on October 12th, 2011. We were so excited! We couldn't believe we were going to finally become parents!

After a year and a half,  Lance and I decided that we wanted to grow our family so we put in the paperwork for a second adoption, we were looking to adopt a boy. Lance has always dreamed about being the T-ball coach, and watching his son play sports, etc. He came from a very athletic family. His dad coached him in sports and he wanted to have that same experience one day with his own son.

After only 12 days of turning in the adoption paperwork, we were chosen by a birthmother in North Carolina and were thrilled to find out that the baby was due in August of 2013, and it was a boy!  We only had a few months to prepare for the second baby so we rushed to get the nursery ready and buy baby boy clothes. At the last minute, the birthmother changed her mind. We were devastated. We had a nursery with no baby in it. We had to unpack our suitcases and put his little clothes back in his closet and shut the door. Our hearts were broken. Then 2 months later, during a routine doctor's appointment, I found out I was pregnant. We were in total shock, after 8 years of infertility, we were finally pregnant....and the cherry on top is, we are pregnant with a boy! 

We wouldn't change our journey for anything. Although many tears were shed during those 8 years and our hearts were broken many times, we wouldn't change a thing because we wouldn't have Sophia if we didn't go through what we did. We our grateful to have experienced the joys of adoption with our baby girl Sophia and now pregnancy with baby boy Cole."

We are over the moon happy for this beautiful family and adore every gorgeous image captured by
Shelly Anderson Photoraphy.

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