{DIY} Memory Game Wall Art

We are so excited to share this awesome DIY project from Jessica of The Paper Plume. This super easy DIY is easily customizable & a great addition to any room. {See below for a chance to win a Memory Game Wall Art  from The Paper Plume}

1. Memory Game of Your Choice
2. Pencil
3. Double-sided tape
4. Ruler
5. 16" x 20" Poster Frame 
1. Determine the center of your mountboard.
2. Lightly draw a line down the center of the board both ways.
3. Lay out your tiles 4 across and 5 down starting from the center line you lightly drew, working your way outward.
4. Adhere the tiles with double-sided tape. Wall art shown has approximately 1/4" between each tile. You will end up with a border of about 2-3/4" on the sides and 3-1/4" on the top and bottom
{Visit The Paper Plume for a chance to win a Memory Game Wall Art Piece.}
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