{PARTY} Golf Birthday Party

I would like to pretend that this Golf Party didn't happen almost 3 years ago and that the tiny three year old celebrating her 3rd birthday isn't almost five...but that's my own fault for not sharing this party sooner.
Being one month post-partum with my second, I knew the party needed a location outside of our home and living 10 minutes from so many Disney attractions gave us some great options. Fiona loves mini golf so when I found out Disney's Winter Summerland had a little picnic area, we were sold. I found a pair of argyle socks and the inspiration and golf pattern for The 1st Annual Fiona Mini Golf Invitational was born.
The kids started the party festivities with a golf visor decorating station, with their decorated visors they hit the golf course. Disney's Winter Summerland golf course lets you choose either the summer or the winter side, my little Florida child chose winter. After an intense game (not really) of golf the guest enjoyed subs and munchies, we finished the party with a gorgeous (and delicious) cake from Hilton's Gourmet Bakery and golf themed sweets.  I usually have the cake toppers made by an amazing lady from Australia but this year her Etsy shop was closed and since I didn't want to break the cake topper tradition I made the cake topper myself!! I'm not sure how many hours it took me to make that cake topper but the eyes and lips alone took me days and don't get me started on the hair. In the end I loved how it came out but let's just say I have pre-ordered the cake toppers from Australia for the next ten years.
It was a great and easy party to throw and the kids (and adults) had a great time!

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