{FIBER FRIDAY} High Fiber Smoothie

I've been following the F-Factor Diet for a few months and calling it a 'Diet' doesn't seem fitting. I've been eating good food, not feeling hungry while the pounds are coming off. Instead of following the "no-no diets' (you know the ones that limit what you can eat and when you can eat what you really don't want to be eating anyway) the F-Factor method allows me to eat carbs (high fiber) combined with lean proteins resulting in a no-hunger, no deprivation healthy life style and weight loss.
I've been experimenting with high fiber smoothies and this recipe quickly became a favorite. It's low sugar, super high in nutrients, high in fiber and yummy (even the kids love it)!
To learn more about the F-Factor Diet and all the science behind this 'diet' check out their website.

High-Fiber Smoothie

2 cups Kale 
2 cups Spinach
1 Green Fig
3 tbsp White Chia Seeds
1 Medium Green Apple
1 cup Raspberries
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