{MATERNITY} A Heartwarming Gender Reveal

Some stories are better told by those that lived them...

"Lance and I tried unsuccessfully for 6 years to get pregnant. We had seen so many of our friends have children and then have second and third children. It was gut-wrenching to go to baby showers and come home to a childless home. We did 3 In-Utero inseminations and 3 In-Vitro Inseminations and we were finally told by our doctors that our chances of ever getting pregnant were very slim to non-existent and that we should consider adoption. We decided to put in our paperwork for adoption and was chosen by a birthmother in Honolulu. Sophia was born on October 12th, 2011. We were so excited! We couldn't believe we were going to finally become parents!

After a year and a half,  Lance and I decided that we wanted to grow our family so we put in the paperwork for a second adoption, we were looking to adopt a boy. Lance has always dreamed about being the T-ball coach, and watching his son play sports, etc. He came from a very athletic family. His dad coached him in sports and he wanted to have that same experience one day with his own son.

After only 12 days of turning in the adoption paperwork, we were chosen by a birthmother in North Carolina and were thrilled to find out that the baby was due in August of 2013, and it was a boy!  We only had a few months to prepare for the second baby so we rushed to get the nursery ready and buy baby boy clothes. At the last minute, the birthmother changed her mind. We were devastated. We had a nursery with no baby in it. We had to unpack our suitcases and put his little clothes back in his closet and shut the door. Our hearts were broken. Then 2 months later, during a routine doctor's appointment, I found out I was pregnant. We were in total shock, after 8 years of infertility, we were finally pregnant....and the cherry on top is, we are pregnant with a boy! 

We wouldn't change our journey for anything. Although many tears were shed during those 8 years and our hearts were broken many times, we wouldn't change a thing because we wouldn't have Sophia if we didn't go through what we did. We our grateful to have experienced the joys of adoption with our baby girl Sophia and now pregnancy with baby boy Cole."

We are over the moon happy for this beautiful family and adore every gorgeous image captured by
Shelly Anderson Photoraphy.

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