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Parents of finicky eaters rejoice! Welcome to Fun Lunch Fridays here on Life & Baby and boy do we have some creative lunch ideas to share. I came across a facebook post of Amy's, a Mom to a very picky eater who embraced her son's Kasen's slow & picky eating habits and found a way to make lunches fun & nutritious. As a result lunch time is now a special time for her & her son, he now not only eats his whole lunch but the genius creations are a great learning tool. Kasen & his Mom talk about the "picture" and Kasen discusses what he's going to eat next.

This weeks Fun Lunch is a swing set. Here are the ingredients: Hot dog cut into strips for the swing set; petite carrots for the swing; grape for the head; pepperoni body with cheese arms, colby-jack cheese sun; pickle slices for the grass.

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