{NEED IT} Bringing Up Bébé

When I heard of Bringing Up Bebe: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting I immediately knew I wanted to read it. Having been brought up in Europe I was intrigued to learn about French parenting and learn about the cultural differences. The book was a very easy read and unlike a lot of "parenting" books was not so much of a "how to" but more of a story. Just like any other parenting book there are methods I will not adapt but many that I have implemented (excessive snacking for one, I have began following the French meal plan i.e. breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) and since have found that my baby no longer loiters around the pantry all day. Overall this was my favorite "parenting" book not only for the content but for the writing. It was entertaining, informative & a fun read.

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