{NEED IT} Dr. Sears Family Essentials Baby Care

Simple, Safe and Doctor-Approved Skin Care Products Contain No Harsh Chemicals to Protect New Moms and Babies

The renowned Dr. Sears has launched a 100 percent all natural baby line! The collection includes wash & shampoo, lotion, wipes, diaper rash cream & a stretch mark cream for mom.
Clinically proven to be safe in protecting new moms, infants and toddlers from the outside in, Dr. Sears Family Essentials' efficacious and ultra-gentle Baby Care line is pediatrician-developed without the use of harmful chemicals that are present in many skin care products on the market today.
"Skin is your baby's largest organ and the ingredients in skin care products are quickly absorbed into their developing bodies – which is why it is imperative to critically evaluate the integrity of the products you choose," said Scott Adcock, chief operating officer and co-founder for Dr. Sears Family Essentials Baby Care. "Parents can take comfort in knowing that Dr. Sears' Baby Care products are pediatrician-developed with only the purest ingredients to ensure the utmost protection of their little ones."
 Dr. Sears Family Essentials proudly supports Two Healthy Kids – Yours and Theirs, a non-profit organization that helps fight global hunger by supplying nutritious meals to children in need.  Every time a Dr. Sears Family Essentials product is purchased, the company will donate one nourishing meal to a child, with a goal of feeding more than one million children each month. 
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