{BABY SHOWER} Birds & Lots of Love

This baby shower has a touching story filled with friends, family, sadness and oh so much joy. {Grab a tissue..you may need it}
When Julie Harrell's {super talented photographer whose friends call her Jewels} best friend of 15 years {Justine} was expecting her first baby it was without question that an amazing shower was to be had.
Together with friend Dee, they set out to plan a shower where lasting memories were to be made, laughs were to be had and a new life was to be celebrated....and they did just that.
I will let Jewels tell you the rest.....
'This was a very special shower for us.  Justine's mom passed away 2 months before Justine found out she was pregnant.  This would have been her first grandchild, and her dying wish was to be a grandmother.   We wanted the shower to be a celebration of the new life, even though we all missed her mother terribly.  The shower was planned and executed by myself and Dee... Dee and I love planning parties together, and we both had a mission to shower Justine with love for her first baby.
The shower was perfect. Justine, flew out from Ohio, and since she had very little space in her suitcase home, we asked if people would consider bringing a gift card to any place they thought would be special. We attached these to what we called the “gift card tree.” This tree was composed of 4 feet of blossoming branches that we (aka our dear husbands) cut dow. It was beautiful!! We put silver glittered birds on the branches, and let guests attach their giftcards with mini paperclips. For drinks, a virgin Sangria, with sugar rimmed glasses. For eats, an Italian/Mediterranean spread (Justine’s family is from the beautiful island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples), and nest inspired cupcakes. For party favors, we sent guests home with homemade granola, and yes, we even played a couple games. And to add to the whole baby/pregnancy feel, I took maternity portraits of Justine the day before the shower, and we printed and framed them to set out on Mantles and tables. Most of all we just enjoyed time with our wonderful friend!'

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