{PARTY} French Theme

This French themed birthday party photographed by the amazing Natalie of N. Barrett Photography has a certain 'je ne sais quoi' that is simply marvelous. Is it the macaroons, the baguettes, the brie or could it be the French flags, the mime and the French backdrop photo booth. One thing is certain this party is magnifique!
A huge Merci to Natalie who not only did a superb job capturing this event she also provided us with a great interview she conducted with the birthday girl's {Dotty} momma {Alice}. Interview below.  

What is Dotty’s personality like?
She is a very active girl. She is constantly on the move and gets into everything. She is also very dramatic and has a great sense of humor and can be a ham at times! 
    How did she respond to the party?
She had a blast at her party!!! She really enjoyed the mime performance, playing with friends, walking in the grass, and just looking at all her guests. Most of all….she loved digging into her red velvet cake!!! 
    When did you and your husband do most of your traveling?  (particularly the part that inspired the party)
In 2008, we went on a month long trip around France and Italy. On that trip we visited Paris, Avignon, Apt, Martigues, Rome, Florence, and were engaged in Cinque Terre!!!
Why did you choose Rush Patisserie in Oak Cliff?
We chose Rush because they are an authentic French patisserie and have delicious macaroons!!!!!
Who were most of the 60 ppl there? (family? friends? from in town? from out of town?)
The 60 people were mostly our friends who live here! We also had family from in town and family from Georgia.
Why did Crisman start mime-ing?
Crisman was born a mime! Ha! He lives to preform and dress up! He is such a character and really gets into character! He is also one of our very best friends and would do anything for Dotty!!!!!
Why france?
We love France!!!!
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