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A couple of months ago we featured a lovely party captured by Shoots & Giggles Photography and ever since have been absolutely smitten by all of the glorious events they capture. With so many wonderful parties to choose from we couldn't feature just one, in turn we're did the only logical thing....we're featuring them all week. 
So, without further ado we are thrilled to announce Shoots & Giggles Week on Life & Baby.
To kick off a great week of amazing  Shoots & Giggles Events we asked our awe-inspiring guests of honor Briana & Monica {The S&G Girls} some questions to get to know them better.

 L&B: How did you come up with the name Shoots & Giggles?
S&G: We wanted to have a clever name that was a play on words and reflective of both our work and personalities! While we do take our work seriously, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We'll definitely go out of our way to make you laugh.
L&B: How would you describe your style?
S&G: Our work is certainly documentary style - but with an artistic spin. We also like to capture more traditional portraiture but the nature of our subjects lends itself to the beautiful candid moments that makes for great lifestyle images. We will often have an idea of what we want to capture, set it up, then just see what happens... our subjects are so un-predictable so it's always fun to just take a step back and see what kids and their parents do naturally.
L&B: What tricks do you have to get real smiles from kids who may not be into being photographed?
S&G: Well, we make all sorts of absurdly silly sounds and faces. It is probably quite funny to watch from a distance, no joke. We would absolutely not want to see ourselves in action, that is for sure! Kids seem to love it, and the parents seem to enjoy it even more. Sometimes we think maybe we should do stand-up, or physical comedy, but then we realize our primary demographic typically can't talk yet.
L&B: What you love most about photographing an event?
S&G: We really enjoy the diversity of the events that we get to capture because they are all so unique. The parents put so much love into them so the design and set-up is always so beautifully done and unique to each child. They are also often so culturally diverse and many have different traditions - for instance Korean 1st Birthdays do a ceremony called the "Doljabi" in which the baby chooses an item from an array of objects and that item is said to predict their future. It is definitely the highlight of the party because the guests also get to bet on the outcome so everyone gathers around with eager anticipation.
L&B: What do you love the most about photography?
S&G: We love how unpredictable it is - there is never a dull moment and it definitely keeps us on our toes! No two parties, portrait sessions or births are ever the same. Each family is so different and we love that we get to watch these babies (and their families) grow - that is honestly the best part for us. Many of our clients return to us several times a year for us to capture different milestones (maternity, birth, newborn, six-months, one-year, etc) so we really get to know these families on a personal level and document their lives during such a precious time.
L&B: If you could photograph anyone/anything in the world, who/what would it be and why?
S&G: That is a really hard question because we love to photograph pretty much anything and everything - we love to capture the world around us and that is how we operate, always. However, if FORCED to answer, we are torn between photographing adorable gorilla babies (so cute!) and, um, capturing ourselves vacationing in Thailand for weeks on end... girls can dream!
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